Dream Loft Life // personal project


Dream Loft Life is a project that explores the phenomenon of loneliness as a consequence of labor migration to large urban agglomerations.
Nowadays, international corporations play an increasing role as employers. The employee is forced to migrate due to tempting high wages. Employers often offer contractual contracts for a specified period of time (3 months), which forces people to move, but only for a few days a week. The employee in being put in a situation of uncertainty and doubt. On the one hand, he does not want to leave his residence, but on the other – he is obliged to stay a few days in another city to perform his duties. Due to the temporary nature of such contracts, the employee often changes the apartment. This translates into problems with acclimatization in a new city and making friends. This kind of suspension leads to many sacrifices and loneliness. Dream Loft Life shows the life of a modern man who is forced to live in another Warsaw apartment every week. The title lofts are decorated to imitate the home mood but the man after many months of such wandering has no illusions that these places can not be called home.